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About Varied / Hobbyist Aida L. Ortiz RalphFemale/Puerto Rico Groups :iconuunca-prides: Uunca-Prides
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Art Trade Traditional Colored Pencil by ArmoredAlienArtist

Great anatomy. I love the color choices you used and how you chose to blend them. The fur lay out on the body is just right. Only a lit...

Space Skate by ArmoredAlienArtist

The image you're proposing is quite fascinating. The idea of a creature trailing through space is rather good choice of fantasy for any...


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Bed Timers Size 8.5 Women - 7.5 Men by Nakumah
Nakumah Arts Policies by Nakumah
That's right. Any size any gender. Details in the commission ID above. Those ordered through April will be discounted by $5.00 off of the original price. I'm offering the bed timers mainly.

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Esencias de Cadiz by NakumahLife Is A Song by Nakumah La Nina Blanca - Vigen de la Muerte by Nakumah Dan's Favorite World - Commision by Nakumah Luna Llena - Commission by Nakumah Wolf - Commission by Nakumah 

Methods Available: Traditional or Digital

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Uunca Running Cycles
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Akiral Run Cycle by Nakumah
Rahun Run Cycle by Nakumah


1. Be a member of :iconuunca-prides: with your own uunca OC.

2. Provide a link to character's bio. (Reference Sheet)

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<a wytiwyg="1" href="…"<Uunca Run Cycle

Uunca Chibies & Icons
Namu Adhmad Caillte (Animated Chibi) by Nakumah
Namu Run by Nakumah
Namu Licking by Nakumah
Namu Runner by Nakumah
Get a an uunca chibi or icon of your uunca OC or make it a gift for your friend based on their Uunca OC.

*You or your friend must be a member of :iconuunca-prides: with your own uunca OC.
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Aida L. Ortiz Ralph
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Puerto Rico
General Introduction:

Aida L. Ortiz Ralph

I'm an artist, scientist, gamer, tutor and more. If put my heart into something, there is nothing I can't do. If you want a work of art made for you, provide time and I can blow your mind away. You want to learn some thing new? I can teach you a thing or two. Want someone to have your back on some of the latest XBOX Live games, I got you covered. Want to share your ideas and thoughts on the world? Sure, my mind's wide open. Typical Gal'? Not in my vocabulary. You'll find that the things I do just might surprise you.

My name is Aida L. Ortiz Ralph. Also known as Andromeda. Nakumah here on DA.

Welcome to my profile.

Nakumah on Facebook
Personal Facebook

Spanish speakers are welcome. I'm quite bilingual and can keep up with any conversation.

Take a look at this picture... If you think I'm a nut...

My Uuncas in Uunca Prides Are: (For those who want to Know...)
Namu Adhmad Caillte (Animated Chibi) by NakumahZeizeih Animated Chibi by NakumahNaomi Animated Chibi by NakumahAmon (accent on the o) The Animated Chibi by NakumahAkiral The Animated Chibi by NakumahMilu Chibi by NakumahRahun Chibi by Nakumah

Recently done for me:
Happy Birthday nakumah by ArmoredAlienArtist Happy Birthday Namu by Skypiesoup Nakumah's Journal Doll by Leaftooth :thumb312735919: Nakumah Run Cycle - Old by Aliuh Namu by Aphose :thumb382971908: B46 - Namu by Aliuh PC: Nakumah Icon by Liagon Peacock by Xantosia

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:iconappareldesign: :iconetsysellers:
Before you ask... no, this is not a journal with "new found resolutions". Specially since I didn't even fulfill the last ones. So you can expect them to pretty much remain the same. To complete last years commissions and the year before that... Needless to say, the past few months have been both a blessing and a curse of sorts.

1. At the end of August my Grandmother died and straight after I got the job I had been praying for on September 2cnd, only to never be able to keep my childish promise to her which was to get a paying job so I could take her out of the nursing home for a full day and let her enjoy herself before "the time" came. Instead... I watched her die like a parkinsons vegetable. There is a journal on that so no, I'm not going to continue on it.

2. My college denied me my graduation, but I got it back under the condition of graduating with people who I don't even know... so while the Bach. Degree reads I finished in Dec 2014, but the ceremony was due for June 2015, I'll be doing my thing in 2016 instead... No... I'm not happy about it since now I have to request that day off from my boss and that's only going to happen if Human Resources feels like it...

3. Having a job meant I am finally able to take dad to the hospital on a regular basis with out panicking. It also means I can feed, vaccinate and spade/neuter the dogs. Ruky has been spaded, it's just Westley now. I'm also soon to be getting a driving instructor so she can basically tell me to park and then my license test soon after. The downside is I still can't study in the states, due to travel politics, and I still can't move out. AAaand... I'll remain single 'cause my hours are "inconveniently" random and I'm a 2 hour drive from anyone who wants to go on a date. So far, no one wants to make that trip... -_-.

4. I had finally made milestones in my commissioning career when my laptop, the fancy HP Split one I had, took a tumble to it's death so yeah... I'm back to saving up and borrowing other people's computers. I'm still upset but I'll manage. Though this has put me behind on several digital commissions that I already owed. Lets not even mention the commissions I'm late on that were paid in full just so that my dad could get admitted in a hospital repeatedly from Nov 2014 - March 2015....

5. Between my economic gain and my economic chaos... I have still to ship some jackets that were ordered... No I haven't forgotten, aaaand I have yet to ship a Christmas gift to a friend who has been wanting this since dec 17 when I bought it for them. So I'm late on everything... AGAIN!!!

So here's to 2015! Who's given me what I needed and helped balance some my concerns but as a consequence made sure I was a piece of SH*T on deviantArt. I wonder if 2016 will be better. I want to be good in all the aspects I've struggled to maintain thus far.

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